How To Get Over Your Online Fling, And Finally Move On

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“Let your past memories burn into flames and move on”

Whenever you ask a person precisely what they are wishing for by means of dating, you are likely to get multiple answers. Several are seeking the romance of her or his life, a lasting commitment that will ultimately see them walking down the aisle adorned with fancy gowns and flowers. Other folks convey more primal goals: they desire drinks, sex, and perhaps some dirty texting for a couple of days, and that’s it. Finally, those who are seeking something a little better than a one-night stand after meeting someone from online fling websites. They then go ahead to visit online fling websites to find potential fling partners who they hope will fall in love and establish a long term union with them.

Understanding the Course of Fling

Flings can be quite tricky. Not everyone has the manners to advise people of their intentions before starting and ending one. In this case, at least one partner does not know that they are in a fling until it is over. There are many varieties of flings. Some appearing as a sex buddy relationship, others as an occasional one-night-stand and others are more like a temporary romance. They all have one common factor though, they will run their course and all parties involved will move on with their lives and perhaps the next fling.
Flings can end in several ways. You may both agree that things will go no further and that is final. In any case, running on for several months or less – most certainly, no deep emotions came into action yet. For some people, fling is simply the initial building block for a lifetime romance. Unfortunately, if you are the type of person who hopes to get something more, then just in case you get dumped, you need to know how to get over your online fling, and finally move on.

Never Go Back to Ask for Reasons

additional misery

“It is pointless to ask for reasons – Avoid it”

This could be tempting, when a fling has run its set course. You may want to get feedback about how the affair went. One must resist such inquiries at all costs. You have not been denied a job or an important opportunity, after all. When confronted with the question “Exactly what have I done wrong?” or “Why did the relationship end?”; your ex-fling will most likely lie. He will do this partially to spare your emotions and to give him relief associated with the additional misery of coping with your reaction. Should you be true to yourself, you could have seen that during the course of the fling, things were not about to change as you had planned initially. You should never leave it to your partner to point out your flaws or having to mention the fact that you agreed to a temporary arrangement. You most certainly will not like to hear what he has to say. For this reason, it is unwise to go back after a fling is over, to ask questions and seek answers. You have to make up your mind to stop chasing the wind and move on with your life. Maybe going back to online fling websites to browse other potential mates would be a good idea to help you get over the past and look forward to future flings.

Unfollow, Defriend and Change Social Media Statuses Online

In the event that you both reached a point where you decided to share social media contacts, links and details so intimate that they would strike the attention of the least interested, now would be a good time to reverse those changes. It is always suggested that social media should not play a role in fling and casual relationships. They are temporary and besides, you may not want everyone to know about your fling or give the fling partner something to use to embarrass you after the fling is over. One has to be very careful, as updating statuses and sending pictures online are mostly irreversible. Besides, if you want to get over a fling, it is not a good idea to have photos and other reminders lingering about your Facebook page. Once the feeling of rejection has subsided and you think that you could both be friends later on, then just hide their particulars for a while, until you are ready for the limelight again. If you feel any form of jealously or uneasy by the thought of someone else cuddling in their arms, then desist contact and delete all reminders of him that may impact your feelings online. This is the only way in which you can protect yourself from the hurt and move on if social media is involved.

Avoid Reminiscing Past Flings

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“Stop living in the past and start living in the present”

Once the fling has ended, it is important that you try to set things in perspective at the earliest opportunity. It was not a long-term romantic love, and you were not headed for great things. A fling is just as it is and you were never meant to be together forever. Do not link feelings to things you enjoyed together. You will have all the time to enjoy them again after meeting someone else using online fling websites. Furthermore, if someday you find the perfect person who wants to share his life with you, you will enjoy those romantic encounters even more as you gain a sense of security in the relationship. Embrace current fling experience, but for your own sake, do not flounder in past shared experiences. In reality, past flings do not care about you, so why should you?

Decrease, Block or End Contact

restraining order

“It’s time to end all contact”

There is nothing wrong with an odd text from time to time to find out how they are doing. However, ensure that it stays friendly, minimal and without past fling mope. If your ex-partner does not respond, then take the hint. Do not get hostile and demand a response. This can become a bad signal unintentionally. If your ex-fling believes that you are stalking him, you will probably end up with a restraining order. At best, text an occasional greeting if you both remain friends. However, if he does not respond, never text or try to contact him again.

What If He Comes Back to Reunite?

reunite with him

“Getting reunited with the past is not a good idea”

Sometimes, your past fling might linger following a reunion. Maybe other dates are not working out for him after all, and he desires your companionship once more. I know that sometimes it is tempting to return for another round, but there is quite a bit of things to think over. Do you have whatever it takes to cope with things emotionally if it all goes wrong once again? Would it genuinely have the capability of going all the way this time around? Even more importantly; where has he been and who has he been sleeping with in the months that have passed? If you are planning to return for seconds, go onward with extreme caution. Ultimately, it is your decision whether or not you want to reject or reunite with him.

In Conclusion: Brush Off and Start over Again

Never allow a bad fling to discourage you. Flings come with the online dating experience. If there were no flings, many folks would undoubtedly find themselves in long-lasting commitments with the wrong people. Do not spend your time sobbing over what could have been or even allow you to ultimately be scared of the online fling dating arena. It does not have to be a scary thing, just purpose in your mind to go along with it. You can be more sure about online fling dating by visiting sites like xxxblackbook. If you can take a look at xxx black book reviews
reviewed here, you can find out, if scams are real or just made up. The idea is to keep looking, so go to online fling websites and meet some more dates as early as you can. Make your past romance be a lesson to you. Also, try to select dates with some other characteristics, maybe a different character each time. This will further enhance your experience with people so that you can eventually know what characteristics you prefer in an individual. There is absolutely nothing better to remove the flavor of dirty medicine out of your mouth with a spoonful of sweet dessert. Carry on; take another chunk of the cherry pie.

Is It Over? 5 Ways To End Your Online Hookup With Class

“End things with class”

“End things with class”

Most people think about what they get when they start visiting hookup online dating site, but few actually consider what could happen after the fun. If it’s not designed to be a romantic and serious relationship, a time will come when you have to say it’s over. This is most often more challenging than the beginning part of any causal relationship. You suddenly find out that getting hooked was easier than letting go. Saying goodbye is not always easy, especially where feelings have started developing, and one of the partners starts nurturing hopes that what started as sheer fun can become a commitment. Below are five helpful tips to help you end it gracefully, if you think that it’s time to put an end to it.

1. Evaluate the Situation and Make Up Your Mind

“Imperative to evaluate your decision”

“Imperative to evaluate your decision”

It’s important for you to think objectively about the situation. If you’ve been using dating sites to get laid you may find that the women you meet on the top hookup websites aren’t always sane people. These top hookup sites make a lot of promises but often fail to deliver a realistic assessment of who the person really is. You might not have thought seriously about getting into this, but for the sake of your casual sexual partner, it will be better to think about it. Thinking about it is not like asking yourself if you have to stop it or not. You’ll be doing an act that is not charitable by continuing the affair knowing that your sexual partner will hurt more in the end. You should look at the situation with new eyes. You do not want to handle the situation in a way that will hurt her or him. You do not want him or her to feel that you don’t care at all. He or she has been your sex partner and it isn’t his or her fault to have developed more intense feelings for you. It’s also a moment for you to think about your own feelings and what you certainly want. It’s not rare that causal relationships can become serious, and lead to beautiful and lasting relationships. It’s not a crime to consider exploring that possibility, but if you feel that you definitely cannot go beyond the level of casualness, they you may continue to the next step. There are signs that will help you know it’s time to end a relationship. When a woman starts falling for you, she’ll start expecting flowers, wanting you to treat her special, and letting her spend weekends at your place. The moment you feel that the distance is closing in is the time you should put a stop to it. It will be more difficult for her to accept the breakup if you allow her to fall for you.

2. Talk to Her about Your Plan

“Talking about your plan is the right way to go ahead with”

“Talking about your plan is the right way to go ahead with”

You are not talking to her simple to know how she feels about it. No, you are talking to her because you have been directly related to her, even if there has been no commitment. You’re talking to her because courtesy demands that of you. You’re talking to her because that is the right way to do it. Some people find it hard to face this; they can’t just summon enough courage to tell the man or woman with whom they have had sex that it’s over. They make excuses to stay away; they find ways not to make love. You’ll be lying to yourself, and you’ll be hurting her if you do not come up and speak out clean and straight. Women will know when you want to end a casual relationship, but they’ll want you to tell them. Do not let your sex partner continue in doubt. The way you tell him or her is also important. It won’t work well saying things like: “It’s not you, it’s me.” She’ll see it as the lamest excuse you could ever make. You should explain things to her and let her know that you do not feel like continuing. You started it as something casual (and it’ll even be easier if you’re making your intentions clear to her from the start) and you just want to end it that way. Let her know that you’ve considered the possibility of continuing, but you do not think that it could work.

3. Take Responsibility for Your Decision
You should be resolved if you really want it to end. There’ll be times you’ll miss her. You’ll want to feel the smooth of her body against yours, breathe in her faint, soothing perfume, and taste her lips again. If you feel the need to have sex, do not go after her. That will not help anything. You’ll only make her feel like things can still work for the both of you. The best thing will be to cut of any contact. This can seem heartless, but it will not be easy for her to get over you if you continue to spend time and talk to her. You may want to delete her on your friend list on Facebook and other media platforms. Blogging her on hookup online dating site where both of you are active will lessen the chances of her getting jealous or stalking you. You may have a hard challenge to face if the woman is very dependent and would not let go easily. You’ll not be surprised to hear expressions like: “So it never meant anything to you?” Well, it did mean a lot to you. You have made her understand that. There is no need for explaining. Time heals, and she’ll heal over time as well. You should not give in to the temptation to explain everything. She’ll not give up if you spend your time explaining every detail.

4. Respect the Life of Your Partner
Breakups are hard, and they can be even harder especially if one of the partners has had high hopes of a relationship. No matter the decision, it is important to show a certain level of respect for your partner. It’ll not be a very nice thing to start talking about it on Facebook and posting about it online. People can be very sensitive and this could hurt even more. Let the person feel respected, let the person feel that he or she is beautiful still. Besides, when you started hanging out on those hookup online dating sites, it wasn’t published on Facebook. You should avoid communicating information about the person anywhere. It is common etiquette. Some people will resort to blackmailing each other to keep the strings on. If it was a causal relationship, there should be no hurt feelings, no sentiments of revenge. This may sound somewhat exaggerated, but it is worth noting that not everyone has the same level of maturity. Ending a causal relationship will come easily to some, especially those who have matured and have broadened their vision on life, but people who tend to be dependent and needy will not accept breakups with serenity. If your partner turns wild about the breakup, keep your cold. You’ll not end the game by playing it. You’ve made your decision, stick to it, but do not fail to show her respect.

5. Friendship Might Be Rare but It Can Make Things Even Better

“Finding friendship at the end could be beneficial”

“Finding friendship at the end could be beneficial”

Although it can be also challenging, ending a causal relationship as friends can be an enriching experience. Most people end up as enemies, which is really a sad thing after the beautiful sex they’ve had. Those who have succeeded in transforming the casual relationship into a mature friendship can find it enlivening. In the course of the casual relationship, some people can discover connections that are really vital to their lives, shared interests that can come to enrich their professional life, and an understanding that some couples hardly experience. Keeping the beautiful part of the relationship can be fulfilling. But it’s also important to set the limits to the friendship.

Breakups can be hard, but if you involve your casual sex partner, you’ll handle it without any hurt feelings. The best advice for those who are looking for such relationships on hookup online dating sites is that they should be open and clear from the start of the relationship. When it is time to end it, you can tell your partner that you never promised anything.

Top 3 MS Surface Apps of 2013

Windows RT is the Microsoft Surface Operating System. Another Surface model with Windows 8 Pro installed is expected shortly. Windows RT is in fact Office Home pre-installed. This offers various features such as word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Windows Mail and many more. The user can have more than one app on the screen at a time. This type of multitasking feature is a new addition to Tablets and it will help to increase the productivity of the Tablet.

The MS Surface apps are not available to download from any third party. The apps can be purchased from the Windows Store. Since the apps are exclusively downloaded from the Windows Store they are safe and well protected. They won’t be carrying any harmful viruses. The apps that are offered by the Windows Store are in the same compatible format only. They appear as tiles on the Surface. These apps integrate with one another.

The Office Home and Student 2013 RT apps include Word, Excel, OneNote and PowrPoint on the Desktop of Windows RT. Those who use the apps on Windows RT are reminded about using the same apps on different platforms. The environment is the same. However, in order to optimize MS Office for the Windows RT, a few enhancements are made. The apps for Windows RT have a few common characteristics. They are touch enabled and the minimum memory capability will be 2GB.They are portable and can be run on battery for longer period. They have SSD Drives with maximum capacity of 32 GB and also have wireless connectivity. The Office apps are enabled for “touch mode” by default.

Microsoft Surface. Apps

Microsoft Surface. Apps

In Office Home and Student 2013 RT, Microsoft has made a maximum effort to enhance the battery life. The battery life also depends on how often the CPU is made to work. In order to reduce the CPU power state transitions multiple CPU wake ups is avoided. All the works are done simultaneously at once. The ARM system of Windows RT is designed to run on a Chip SOC Processor. The SOC processor combines the various components like CPU, graphics card, network adapter and other components. This will ensure better performance as well as reduced power consumption. This also enables the hardware for operations like video playbacks.

The SSD Drives of Windows RT system is fast and capable of enhancing battery life. While developing the Office for Windows RT frequently used templates only are put on the drive instead of providing a number of templates. Windows RT offers APIs that allows apps like cellular network support to users. Office Home and Student 2013 RT includes most of the features that are available on PCs.

Windows RT is a new API layer

Windows RT is a new API layer


Trust: How to build strong trust into your relationship

Trust is a very important thing in any relationship. It basically sets the foundation for your relationship and creates the basis of honesty. If trust and honesty are breached in your relationship they’ll have to be re-built. Below are some quick tips on how to.

Follow on what you say

If you tell your partner that you’ll call at 7pm, make it a point that you call no later than 7pm. If you are going to delay meeting them for whatever reason, be sure to tell them well in-time. If you gain trust from your partner on small matters such as being home in time for dinner, it will make them trust you even on much bigger issues.

Be realistic

Always be frank and realistic. Avoid saying unrealistic things such as; your phone will always be on and never off. This is an unrealistic perception as you can lose your phone anytime or it can even die. Instead you’d rather tell your partner that you’ll always try answering your phone.

Your Relationship Marketing

Your Relationship Marketing

Include your partner

If you have an emotional build up, you’ll end up hiding things and this will in turn create suspicion from your partner. Be open and frank with them, no matter how difficult the situation is. The more you open up, the more trust you’ll build and gain.

Focus on your goals

As the common saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words,” the same thing applies with you keeping focus on your set goals. If for example you are talking to your spouse and a beautiful woman happens to walk by, don’t lose focus and start starring at her. If your goal is honesty and trust, then make sure that your actions show and prove this. Letting your thoughts and eyes wonder all over the place in the presence of your spouse will only raise suspicions about the way to act when she’s not there.

Create time for communication

Communication is a vital part of any relationship, and it’s very crucial that it exists for any relationship to survive. The more you communicate with your partner and open up, the more it creates trust and openness between you two. Doing this will enable you guys to openly speak about even the most discreet matters.

willingness to create time

willingness to create time

Building broken trust in a relationship involves a variety of things. If you’ve breached the trust in your relationship, then it will involve more than just good behavior to get it restored. You’ll have to work on the past, deal with it make sure that it doesn’t interfere with your current actions. At times working with a professional therapist does help. A counselor will listen to both your sides of the story, and give you the best advice from a neutral point of view.

Your First Loan Tips to get approved

Bank loans are possible only if you have a good credit score and a live bank account. However, having these two alone may not suffice and increase your opportunities to get a loan. There may be several other documents the bank may ask you to submit to see if you are not a high risk borrower. Being a first time borrower there are some tips that can help you get your first loan without much of a hassle.

Bank Statement:

The bank statement of yours is considered to be the strongest asset. The bank will go through the statement and gauge you on how stable are you in generating income in relation to your expense.

From the statement you furnish to the bank, they can assess if you are in a position to pay the loan back to the bank without any default payment. It is important to make sure that the statements you provide are of your most used, active and the current bank account. In the statement you can highlight all the non-recurring expenses and explain this to the concerned person in the bank.

Get a bank statement loan

Get a bank statement loan

Allied Requirements: You need to be confident and tell the person in the bank you have approached that you can go to another bank and give them business in case the current bank with whom you are negotiating do not give you good terms. You can also say that you have a lot of fixed deposits and other savings accounts with the other bank and those banks can offer you instant loan if the current bank refuses a loan.

These days the competition is tuff between the banks and due to this competition, banks and other institutions prefer customers with whom they can have a long term relationship rather than a short term one. If there are some assets you can show to your bank, the banks would have a better level of comfort to offer loan to you. This is because even if you default your payments they have your assets as back up.

Non-Liquid Assets: It is a matter of fact that banks always love to establish and maintain relationship with clients who are less risky. So, as a first time applicant for loan you need to mention some points that you have your own accommodation and your spouse ( if any) has a constant regular income and has not defaulted his payments. If you have working parents then it is better to mention that as well because the credit rating of your family as a whole will go up and the social standing would be good enough for you to get a loan.

Recent Payday Loan Tips

Recent Payday Loan Tips

If you have not taken any other loan and going for only this loan then you can take a guarantor for your loan who can support your social standing. All the above mentioned tips can help you get a loan approval.

The 3 hottest technology stock investments for 2013

In the high-tech field software and data storage providers are expected to make major gains. Cisco Systems have put sustained performance in recent years and are doing much better than their competitors in networking. The company has initiated various steps to consolidate its position in various markets. The company’s profit is expected to grow substantially. Cisco is a Frontline producer of softwares and switches. By way of intense R & D activities as well as a number of acquisitions the company has established its position in cloud computing, mobile computing, network storage and web conferencing etc. Cisco had set their goal to double its sale of software in 5 years. Thanks to various steps taken by the company for cost cutting the profits are expected to grow faster. The company will be concentrating on the emerging markets like Latin America and Asia which will enable them to increase the sales by 10% annually. The management has decided to utilize 60% of cash flow for buybacks and payment of dividends. When the company shows a steady growth, the stock becomes more favorable for investors.

The other two stocks that the investors can consider as the best for the year 2013 are Amazon and Qualcomm. Online retail, smart phones and storage are considered as the best tech stocks that ensure the best results. The domination of these three components has resulted in a positive U-turn on tech stocks. Amazon’s sale during the 3rd quarter grows by more than 252% every year. The company has reported a profit of $13.8 billion. Software, electronic content, DVDs, music and books are Amazon’s major sources of revenue. However, customers can obtain anything that they need by searching the database on Amazon. The segment of EGM (Electronic and General Merchandize) contributes maximum to the company’s success.

Started in Stock Investing

Started in Stock Investing

Qualcomm (QCOM) is another favorite tech stock of the year. The steadily growing market of Smartphones and rapid network connections has pushed the company up into a very comfortable position. For fiscal 2013 a revenue growth of 26% is expected from its chip maker. The growth in income from non-GAAP was around 20% which is quite impressive. During the next five years the company is poised to move forward in technology advances by achieving EPS and annual growth rate on income in double digit.

Qualcomm's wireless charging

Qualcomm’s wireless charging

Amazon and Qualcomm are in very comfortable positions like any company in tech for the year 2013. Both these companies are indeed at the top ranks for the potential tech investment in the year 2013. In spite of the recession in Europe and other fiscal issues, Tech stocks are considered as the best investments. Amazon has managed to pass the hurdles made by its competitor like e-bay.

My Favourite 3 movies this year

Some movies were good and yet did not make it to the top list. Yet they are my favourite movies for his year. Let us look at some of the salient features of these movies.

Chronicle After a party three friends to a place under ground where they make a shocking discovery that will change their lives for ever. They attain super powers. Their lives wily take a turn and they find themselves going out of control and it also threatens their friendship as each of them begin to unleash their dark sides. They develop telekinetic powers and they soon realise that they can enhance the powers with every growing day to control other objects, to take a flight or even harm others on purpose on not. One of the friends is an introvert who has suffered abuse at home and he is not quite ready to keep his powers under control. There are some intense moments in the film especially when there are the scenes of Andrew being abused. The cinematography is creative and film has delivered.

The Cabin in the woods released after a long delay. Five friends are trapped into spending a week end at a lonely cabin in the woods. The movie had a good cinematography and all the horror and suspense elements. This movie is a good one for the horror lovers. While watching the movie it would seem like a typical haunted flick but as the story advances the writers plunge deeper into a crucial mystery that leads the way to a great climax that is dazzling. This film flawlessly blends some elements of comedy with horror. And this changes your perception of horror movies. The direction was good and he has timed the jokes and the blood brilliantly.

Cabin in the Woods movie

Cabin in the Woods movie


Farewell my Queen is a historical film based on Marie Antoinette during the last part of the revolution starring Diane Kruger as Marie Antoinette. Marie Antoinette and King Louis XV1 and their band of courtiers are enjoying the carefree lives whilst the revolution is taking an ugly turn. Most of the Aristocrats leave the ship when Bastille is stormed, leaving Marie and the King alone to fight for themselves. But the Queens reader Sidonie is faithful and stays behind. She is ravishingly beautiful and lives only for the queen. The queen on the other hand has her eyes fixed on the beautiful duchess Gabriella. Her devotion to the Duchess was one of the main reasons for her downfall. The movie was not just a biography but quite a compelling story with jacquots imaginative direction.Through the course of the movie it becomes obvious that Sidonie has a massive crush on the Queen. Diane Kruger has portrayed her role brilliantly. Within one hour the story provides us a glimpse of the French revolution, and also highlights that female friendships were not uncommon those days. Perhaps there is a hint that it could be a little more than friendship. The way details are shown to the period was rather exquisite. 

Diane Kruger Actress Diane

Diane Kruger Actress Diane